On-Camera Coaching & Presentation

With 30 years of experience in front of the camera, Jane uses techniques that can improve your on-camera performance. Whether it’s for a corporate video, social media or news coverage of your business, Jane can help you become your “best self” in front of the video camera and deliver a confident presentation.

Interview Coaching

A good presentation and interview does not happen by accident. Jane McGarry Media trains, prepares and coaches our clients to deliver winning presentations and interviews. Our goal is to make sure you are on message and picture perfect. Our services include professional wardrobe and personal appearance consultations.

News Coverage

Every news department is looking for good stories. With three decades of working in television newsrooms Jane is uniquely qualified to help you determine if your message is newsworthy, and if it is, to help craft a story that has the best chance of being used on broadcast media or online news outlets.

Videography & Video Services

Your digital presence is important. We will help you shape one, or a series of, 60-90 second video(s) ideal for YouTube, your blog and other channels. Let Jane tell your story in a video format that can run on your website, be emailed to clients or customers, and used across the web and social media platforms. After interviewing everyone from Presidents to star athletes, Jane can bring out the key information and help you feel comfortable on camera when she interviews you.

Public Image Consulting

How others view you is critical to being successful. Jane McGarry Media objectively works with our clients to help project their best public image. We can also perform an audit on the effectiveness of past and current PR activities.

Corporate Media Training

Headlines are written every day. With the training of Jane McGarry Media, your corporation and it’s executives can learn how to more effectively field questions from news organizations and deliver your mission statement clearly and concisely in broadcast media coverage. Jane McGarry Media can help you learn to work with reporters to craft an accurate and informative headline and story.

“It takes 15 seconds for someone to decide what they think of you and in the media, a 10 second sound bite may be all you get”